Book Preview: The Casual Vacancy

J.K. Rowling ready to release new book post Harry Potter

By Rashi Saxena

After taking a break from writing, J. K. Rowling is back with her new book, The Casual Vacancy.  Five years after the last Harry Potter book was published, J.K. Rowling is all set to entice readers once more.

The new book does not deal with the magical world, but in fact with the real world. Set in the quaint town of Pagford, England, the book deals with the not-so-regular life of the residents. When the local elections come up, the townspeople are thrown into a battle in which everything, including relationships, family, and life itself, changes.

Contrary to before, the novel is targeted towards the older generation, dealing with more mature themes of marriage, troubled teenagers, and people at war. While readers will surely find the book different from the Harry Potter series, we can expect some similarities in Rowling’s writing style.

However, Rowling expresses uncertainty at how her book will be acknowledged by old and new readers. “It’s been five years, and anything I wrote after Potter—anything—was going to receive a certain degree of attention that is not entirely welcome.”

I wish the best of luck to J.K. Rowling and hope for success.