Fall TV Lineup: Combacks and Debuts

Insight into anticipated television this fall

By Chizobam Nwagwu

After wasting countless hours of making up sleep during the summer, you might have missed a season or two of some of your favorite shows. Now that school has started, you’re probably too stressed to sleep and need a hearty dose of procrastination before you even think about your AP US History packets. Not to worry! This fall is jam-packed with tons of shows to fulfill your precious hours of relaxation. With season returns to season premiere’s television has more than “a lot to offer” this fall.

Here’s a glimpse of what to look forward to:

Singing  and dancing will never die so long as FOX’s Glee returns for its fourth season (which it did). At the end of season three, Rachel and Santana left to New York to pursue their lifelong dreams, Finn resolved to join the US Army, Brittany was held back for her 0.0 GPA, Quinn headed off to Yale, and Puck decided to head West. This season is a comeback with a handful of new faces and new drama.

As if there wasn’t already enough to talk about.  Gossip Girl is back with more money, inappropriate conduct, drinking, and, most importantly, gossip than before. Serena, Nate, Blair, Dan, and Chuck have set out to fulfill the impossible task of getting their lives sorted out.  The answers that everyone’s been asking for will soon reveal themselves in this addicting drama.

The babies are back. Switched at Birth, on ABC Family, returns after the conclusion of its summer season. With new drama, new relationships and new faces begin to emerge.

So in a few words, is it worth your time to watch television this fall? Yes! There are many great shows to chose from, that the hardest task will be to chose which ones to watch.