Service Learning Club Introduces New Service Learning Website

Vikings will now have a more efficient way of submitting their service hour forms

By Japjot Bal

A look at the new website.
Photo Credit: Japjot Bal

Starting this year, the Service Learning Club, along with its advisor, Mr. Lewis, introduced a more Internet savvy way of processing students’ service hours. Students will now be able to take a picture of their signed form and upload it onto the Irvington’s Service Learning Website, instead of room 41.

Created by graduates of the 2012 class, Joravar and Suchaavar Chahal, the website is currently active, and students are encouraged to sign up for an account with Mr. Lewis as soon as possible. Students will have all past hours transferred, and all future submissions approved within 48 hours of upload, as opposed to the previous system. This efficient new technique will allow students to keep up to date with their hours.

Service Learning Club President, Alicia Khan, said, “It’s as if we are no longer in the stone age of putting in hours manually.”

Indeed, the new inputting process has already proven to be a success among Irvington students. Senior Dimple Patel said, “I like it because I can upload and check my hours whenever I want. It’s made the whole process a lot easier!”