Put Ornaments to Good Use

Not just for the Christmas tree

By Melanie Doherty

The holidays will soon pass and you will be packing up all the lights, stockings, decorations and endless amounts of Santa’s into huge boxes to stuff up into your attic. You will save the one thing you hate to do last: taking down the tree. For years we tried to get out of helping take down the enormous amounts of ornaments and tangled up lights. But, this year why not use your tree ornaments for other purposes rather than taking the time to pack them up for hours.

1. Pawn them off to others- Take the ones you really dislike but are too kind to let your mom know how bad they look and give them to friends as a gift for the New Year.

2. Center of Attention-Wrap a strand of Christmas tree lights around you and turn all the lights off in your house, that way you’ll literally light up a room when you walk in.

3. Agility-Test your pet mouse’s running skills by finding a big sphere ornament and put the mouse in there, sure it can run around in a clear sphere but what about one that obstructs his/her view?

4. School projects- Take the sphere ornaments, paint them as the planets, and arrange them accordingly, easy A with hardly any effort.

5. That Special Someone- Instead of giving him/her a bouquet of flowers give them a bouquet of ornaments and a note saying “you’re the joy to my world”.