Finals After Break

FUSD should change school scheduling

By Mariam Syeda-Quadri

The meaning of a break is to relax and have fun.  Our high school lives are never ending cycles of constant homework and studying.  We need breaks to be able to relax and allow the information to sink in.  However, how are we supposed to do that when we are going to have finals a few weeks after our biggest break of the year?

I spent the first half of my winter break worrying about the amount of homework and studying I had to do and the second half of my winter break just studying, doing homework, and finishing projects.  Even though I had a nice time with my cousins in San Diego was stressed out during the whole trip.  I know I was not alone.  FUSD should make Fremont schools have finals before winter break so students can use the time during winter break to actually rest.

I am proposing that FUSD have school start a few weeks earlier and have school end a few weeks earlier.  This will give the Fremont schools an advantage in many different ways.  We will be able to finish finals before break.  Breaks will be between semesters so teachers will not have to worry about students forgetting any information after being gone for so long.  No matter when our school starts, the AP tests and STAR tests will be on the same dates proposed by the state.  This way, students will have more time in school to study for these tests, and teachers will have more time to cover the material needed, this time will make a huge difference in higher student’s score.

Many students do not want to spend their break studying for finals, and there is an even efficient solution for this problem.  “I want our breaks to actually be a break,” commented junior Sanjeev Reddy.  “Finals before break will really eliminate a lot of pressure on students and will give students a well-deserved break.”