Hyperion Concept Car

Futuristic eco-friendly car stirs public interest

By Jenny Lu

The Hyperion Concept Car, designed by Marco Aurelio Galan Henrequez for the 5th edition design contest in 2008, is a futuristic car that operates on lithium ion batteries and can reach a speed of 120 mph. The electric engine, located in the front of the car, includes three-phase AC synchronous motors, which are powered by the batteries. Designer Henrequez catered this car specifically towards the eco-friendly market, and this zero-emission car does not disappoint. The Hyperion Concept Car is composed of carbon fiber reinforced plastic to minimize its weight.                           The word Hyperion is derived from Greek mythology and means “titan,” which is an apt name, as the design of the car itself is reminiscent of space exploration vehicles and also serves as an image of the future and the rapidly advancing technological world that we inhabit today. As of now, the Hyperion Concept Car remains a “concept,” but fans can follow up with the designer and the latest news on the car via Twitter or Facebook.