Uniqlo’s Phenomenal Debut

Japanese clothing retailer expands to SF

By Cindy Meng

On October 4th, 2012, global fashion retailer Uniqlo launched its first West Coast branch on Powell Street in San Francisco. With three stories full of vibrant colors and mannequins, the newly opened store offers quality clothes to customers. For example, the 70 dollars compressible puff down jacket, called “Ultra Light Down Jacket,” insulates well and weighs only seven ounces. Many customers jump at the chance to buy this jacket because of its versatility and style. Uniqlo also offers an innovative fabric known as Heattech. According to Uniqlo’s website, the 0.5mm Heattech can transform evaporated body moisture into heat and insulated it in air pockets of the fibers.

While SF may only be Uniqlo’s fifth location in the U.S., it serves as on eof the thousands of stores in the global market. Other destinations around the world include Japan, Hong Kong, China, Russia, Thailand, and Taiwan. With excellent quality and affordable prices, Uniqlo will undoubtedly flourish in the Bay Area.

Uniqlo’s silver “Ultra Light Down Jacket” matched with Uniqlo’s pink cashmere scarf.

Picture Credit: Cindy Meng