Behind the Scenes: Españolandia

Sneak peek into the land of Spanish

By Sonakshi Maheshwari

To learn more about how the even works, I interviewed Mr. Ballado, the man behind the curtain.

Q: What does Españolandia mean and why was it created?

Españolandia is a translated into “The Land of Spanish.” This event was created in order to benefit students learning Spanish as well as provide them with a fun activity. Like Disneyland, Españolandia has activities for everyone’s interests ranging from dance and music to a carnival.


Q: How does Españolandia work?

Students come in from Spanish levels 1, 2 and 3 taking up two periods out of their schedules to spend in Españolandia. They are provided a passport that had their basic information and a space for each booth at Españolandia. They are to visit each booth and collect a stamp after completing the activities. One major rule in Españolandia is that students are only allowed to speak Spanish, if they are caught speaking English they will be sent to a jail.


Q: How long does it take to plan and execute Españolandia?

This year we started planning a month earlier, and with the help of my two Spanish classes and Mecha leadership, we were able to successfully execute Españolandia.


Q: Did any mishaps occur during Españolandia?

Sometimes we had to run around to get last minute supplies, but otherwise the event ran smoothly!


Q: About how many students worked to make this event possible?

There were about 2 classes and leadership, so about 100 people. They spent over 15 hours to make this event possible.


Q: Are you satisfied with the results?

I was very satisfied with the results! The event ran smoothly and the only improvements we all want to put into Españolandia are making some of the booths  easier to understand and more organized.