Leadership Changes for 2014-15

ASB removes Athletic Commissioner position and creates new jobs

By Chandni Patel | Student Life Editor

As potential ASB students gear up for the upcoming elections for officers of the 2014-15 school year, there are notable differences in positions and job descriptions. Among the most obvious are the lack of an athletics commissioner position and the addition of a creative arts commissioner.

LINK Commissioner Sofea Dil explained that the Athletics Commissioner position was removed as a result of a class-wide majority vote. “It’s become clear in the past few years that the Athletics Commissioner simply does not have enough jobs to do to warrant an entire position,” said Dil. “Its few jobs were redistributed to other positions to ensure that all members’ workloads are evenly distributed throughout the year.”

ASB Treasurer Nitin Manivasagan disagreed. “I think that the athletics commissioner is actually necessary,” said Manivasagan. “Nobody else in ASB is going to have the time to organize BOOM Squad events and sports events on their own or as a group.”

Dil also explained the new Creative Arts Commissioner position. The position would be under the Multi Media division of ASB and would cover many of the same jobs as in the past, with the added responsibility of acting as an ambassador between ASB and creative arts programs at school. “[Creative arts programs] are such a big part of Irvington. The commissioner will be required to have done one year of fine arts, CCA, or NMAA,” said Dil.

ASB Ambassador Reena Patel explained that the changes are geared generally towards reducing the size of ASB. “There are going to be fewer assistants and the job descriptions and positions are distributed in a way to reduce the size of the class,” said Patel. Par. On this change Manivasagan said: “[ASB] is really big this year but that’s because there are so many qualified people. However, with the big size, we’ve seen some people not do their jobs.” Patel disagreed, mentioning the difficulty of setting up for events such as school dances with fewer members to help out.

“A lot of the changes will depend on the first and second round election winners,” said Patel. “They will get a lot of say in how the changes are implemented and they are the ones who decide on third and fourth round positions.” The result of this week’s elections will decide the first round election winners.