FUSD Promotes Measure E through Social Media


By Cindy Meng

Members of Students United for the Representation to the Fremont Unified School District Board of Education (SURF) began publicizing for the #saveFUSDschools campaign that encourages students to take pictures of school properties that may need repair.

According to Irvington SURF member, junior Narvan Babei, FUSD’s superintendent Dr. James Morris informed all SURF members about Measure E, the bond measure that will raise property taxes for Fremont residents in order to pay for a 650 million dollar renovation project planned local schools. Since the average age for our local schools is 50 years, some parts of the schools need updates to maintain or improve the quality of education. According to the district’s renovation outline, Measure E prioritizes issues such as “upgrading electrical wiring to meet current safety codes, and removing asbestos, and other unsafe conditions to improve student safety.”

Dr. Morris wanted students to get involved by taking photos and hashtagging “saveFUSDschools,” and his main goal is to collect these photos and use them to convince eligible voters to vote Measure E in on June 3.

Though SURF as a whole is coordinating the campaign, Babei has taken the initiative to inform students about this event and publicize it through social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

“I feel like the #saveFUSDschools campaign is a new type of event that all students can get involved in,” said Babei. “It is a great way to both connect students to the district and promote our cause.”


the only picture under the saveFUSDschools hashtag, posted by Irvington senior Alyssa Tucker, who is also a SURF member.