Library window smashed, culprit unknown

By Medha Acharya | Staff Writer

A currently unidentified student shattered one of the library’s front windows on Monday.

Irvington librarian Ms. McAuley was teaching at the time and did not hear anything, but College and Career Counselor Ms. Kimmel noticed a disturbance.

“I was stepping outside to change a sign and heard a loud noise. I walked closer and saw a group of kids huddled near the door,” explained Ms. Kimmel. “Someone said that they ‘dropped a book,’ which seemed a little weird, but I didn’t actually check to see what it was.”

Currently, the perpetrator’s intentions are unknown. According to Ms. McCauley, no student witnesses have provided any information about the smashing.

“I wouldn’t have asked them to pay for it or anything like that, but I would have appreciated someone owning up,” said Ms. McAuley. “I understand that accidents happen, but I think people should take some sort of responsibility for their actions to show respect for our campus because it belongs to all of us, and it’s the only school we have.”

Although the district generally takes some time before sending maintenance crews to fix these types of issues, Irvington Principal Sarah Smoot specifically requested an earlier date. Consequentially, the district installed a new window earlier today.

The window in question was temporarily taped up. A sign on the window asks students with any information to come forward. Photo: Allyson McAuley