Irvington Varsity Football Loses to Logan in Final Game

By Shayna Kapadia | Student Life Editor

In the final game of the season held on Friday, November 8 at James Logan High School, Irvington’s varsity football team lost to Logan’s 22-58.

The game started out rough for Irvington; only half an hour into the game, the score was 0 – 14.  Irvington was on the offensive and advanced towards the end zone.  However, after the 4th down, Irvington had not moved the required 10 yards, so Logan went on the offensive, quickly advanced forward, and made a touchdown.

A few plays later, sophomore quarterback Austin Walker threw about a 35 yard pass to senior receiver Walter Mitchell, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Right after, Austin Walker scored Irvington’s first touchdown of the game, making the score 6 – 42.

Senior Austin Singson walks back to the sidelines after Irvington completed a 1st down.

A few minutes into the second half of the game, junior receiver  Dejuan Smith made a touchdown, raising Irvington’s score to 12, and then, Irvington ran the ball back into the end zone, giving the team an extra 2 points.  By the mid-second half, Logan had 52 points, while Irvington had 12. However, towards the end of the game, Walker scored another touchdown, but Irvington still lost 22-58.

Although the team lost, Coach Ross Eddings felt that this was their best game of the season. “The game went well for us,” said Coach Eddings. “We lost, but the kids played the best game they played all year, so I’m proud of them. We’ll be in the weight room on the off season big time.”

Walker agreed, “I think we improved a lot in this game, honestly. We were down in half time, and we came back and got 20 points. So I think we stepped it up a lot,” said Walker.  “The linemen protected me well, and I got Dejuan a touchdown. We lost, but it was a perfect game to me.”

“It was a pretty good game. Both sides battled hard,” said free safety Zulfiqar Khan. “The other team had a lot of fight in them, and it could’ve been anybody’s game.”

Coach Eddings hopes that the underclassmen players will be able to learn from the experiences during this season and build a better team for the years to come. He also feels that “[the team] can improve on communication and execution.”

Logan’s #4 tackles one of Irvington’s players to the ground during the 2nd down.