Catching up with QUEST


By Shobhit Asthana | Staff Writer

The senior benchmark project, quest serves to be the most challenging of all of Irvington’s benchmark projects and is causing many problems for seniors who can’t keep on track. The project requires students to get out of their comfort zone in their service and may be overwhelming to many. The following serves to suggest ways that seniors can catch up as well as stay on track with quest.

  1. What was the most difficult part about staying on track with quest?

“Meeting interview/experience hours deadlines were pretty difficult because it depends on when the consultant is available.” said Sharon Zhen. “A good consultant is really important because he or she will stick to promised interview dates and will really be able to guide students on their issue.”

  1. What strategies did you use to stay on top of everything?

“I keep myself motivated and convince myself that it’d be worth it in the end,” Diana Gallardo said. “I focussed as much time as I possible could to stay on top of everything. I also rewarded myself by taking 5 minute breaks after every hour of work. I also tried to keep a positive attitude and actually learn from the project rather than just bs it.”

  1. Do you have any suggestions that you would give to students who are struggling?

“I definitely suggest to not procrastinate on QUEST,” said Ayusman Saha. “Start thinking about assignments that are due in the future rather than the weekend before. This way you can plan ahead and manage your work with extracurriculars and other classes.”

  1. What will you do to ensure that you’re on track for the rest of the school year?

“I plan on doing everything earlier than I planned,” said Ian Cheng. “So that no matter what, everything will be turned in on time and I will not fall behind.”