New 3D Printers at Irvington

By Sarvesh Mayilvahanan | Staff Writer

The new school year has come, and with it new equipment for Irvington. Ms. Berbawy bought six new 3D printers for Irvington with money received in a grant. This government issued grant gives money to classes that teach CTE (Career Technical Education) subjects such as the Robotics and Intro to Technology courses. Irvington now has the most 3D printers in the entire district.

“One printer was not enough,” Ms. Berbawy said. “One printer would break, and since we only had one printer, I wouldn’t be able to do the things for my class.”

“CAD [Computer Aided Design] is one of the things I teach in this [Robotics] class,” Ms. Berbawy stated, “and when a kid gets to design something on a computer and then print it out and see it in real life, it makes a big difference.”

The opportunity to learn how to 3D print and also use design softwares gives students an advantage later on in life. “Hopefully,” she said, “it will increase interest in engineering and design.” As 3D printing is also very artistic, there is a large variety of people that can learn and use 3D printers. “Also, it just makes coming to school more fun!”