Irvington girls volleyball crushes Kennedy

By Ayush Patel | Staff Writer

On October 29, Irvington’s girl’s varsity volleyball team destroyed Kennedy’s team with a final score of 3-0. In the first and second game, there were no major events other than Irvington winning against Kennedy 25-18 and 25-15 respectively.

Irvington played slightly better in the second set, in comparison to the first set. Good returns  were the biggest advantage to their performance. Successful coordination played a major factor to their exceptional performance as well.

Stakes were high in the third set, however, as Kennedy stepped up their game. Knowing that Irvington was close to winning, therefore working hard to keep themselves from losing three consecutive times, tension between the two teams increased, but Irvington still proved victorious with a close score of 25-23.

Coach Marcus Young said, “We hit very well and kept that ball in play, which made it difficult for the opposing team to respond to.”

In addition, team captain Gabriela Charbenau stated how the team excelled. However, she also felt that the team needs to work on several criterias.  

“We played aggressively and worked together as a team to accomplish a task,” said Charbenau. “I think we need to stay more focused and try to be as consistent as possible, and not let the other team get in our head.”

Young further mentioned some improvements that he would like to see as well.

“I’d like to see some better blocking and digging on the right side,” he said “I think that is what some of our opponents have taken advantage of earlier in the season on us and we need to improve that area so we are solid all the way around.”

“Next game is going to be tough,” he said, “our next two opponents are American and Logan and they both have strong outside hitters, which have been the hardest offense that our opponents have run for us to play off of, but I still think that we have an excellent shot at beating American. Last time they beat us on the fifth set so I think if we step it up a bit, we can beat them.”

Sophomore Melissa Talbot prepares to serve (Photo: Ayush Patel).
Sophomore Melissa Talbot prepares to serve (Photo: Ayush Patel).