Question Man: Black Friday Shopping

By Shannon Tseng | Publicity Manager

It’s Black Friday. The last 70” TV at Walmart is on sale for $20. You’re standing in a huge crowd of angry moms, all ready to fight to the death for the slick deal. What would you do to get that TV?

  1. Richard Tseng (9): I would walk away from the crowd, reintroduce myself as a casual buyer not willing to fight to death, and scratch my name into the back of the TV, claiming it as mine.
  2. Tyler Zhu (10): This is basically a real life scenario of The Lord of the Flies, and I know from experience that these savage moms cannot resist the temptation of a group chant. My strategy would be to start up a chant and make all of the moms start chanting in a circle, and while they chant, I would casually pick up the TV and run home with it, an easy task being the buff monster I am.
  3. Justine Du (11): If they were Asian moms I would give them 4.0 report cards so their lives would be fulfilled already, and they would no longer have the need for a TV.
  4. Eunice Chan (12): I would puke so people would make space for me. Then I would make a break for the TV.