Girls varsity volleyball dominated this school year

By Ayush Patel | Staff Writer

The 2015-2016 Girls’ Varsity Volleyball Team was very successful, with above 500 points, playing nearly 25 games. Captain Gabriela Charbeneau stated that the most successful game this season was the Irvington versus Logan match.

“Our best game was senior night against Logan High School,” said Charbeneau, “because they were undefeated and we almost beat them.”

Player Himani Patel shared her thoughts regarding the Irvington versus Logan match.

Although we lost, I have never seen my team play better than when we went against Logan,” said Patel. “They are the only team in our league that’s undefeated and we were the only people to take them to 5 games.”

However, Charbeneau stated that the worst game was against Washington.

“Our worst game was against Washington, at Washington. Washington was last place league, and we were undefeated at the time, but we lost to them.”

Patel agreed that the least successful game was against Washington.

“I think it was more of a mental loss,” said Patel. “When they won the first and second games, most of us got it in our minds that we wouldn’t be able to win so we just stopped playing our hardest even if we didn’t realize it, but we learned from it and didn’t make that mistake twice.”

Charbeneau addressed that lack of focus was an issue this year, but their biggest strength was being able to come together in clutch moments–being able to pull it together at the end.

Player Melissa Talbot similarly stated what their biggest strengths and weaknesses were.

“Our strengths were that we had seasoned players who knew the game really well and could execute in all aspects of the game- but often times we would not be focused during the game and that was our largest weakness,” said Talbot.

Charbeneau stated that next year’s team will need to focus on various things.

“They need to focus on leadership and communication because the [incoming] upperclassmen are very quiet and timid,” said Charbeneau.

(Girls’ Varsity Volleyball 2015-16 School Year Photo: Sherrie Lin).
Girls’ Varsity Volleyball 2015-16 School Year (Photo: Sherrie Lin).