Daylight Wastings


Tanisha Singh

Angry mob members gather for communal sacrifice of farmers in Bakersfield

Tanisha Singh, News Editor

We’ve all been raised with the proverb “Time is Money”, yet, hypocritically, in the month of November our society literally throws Time into the trash. After multiple sightings of distressed cats, moping pigeons, and numerous public protests, California decided there needed to be a change. As a result, California recently passed a proposition to abolish daylight savings, which will be enacted next year. The bill, which takes away daylight savings day, had gained a lot of momentum this fall. After a mob showed up at San Francisco to throw clocks into the Bay, leading to a scheduled communal sacrifice of farmers in Bakersfield, action was quickly taken to present a bill to the state legislature. Immediately following the time change on Sunday, November 6, the state legislature agreed to make a compromise and put this bill on the ballot for the November 8 election. The passing of the bill set the record for the fastest time both the state Senate and Assembly have come to a consensus. A whopping two days of deliberation.

Before the bill was passed, social media played an important role in gathering citizen attention to the issue. One of the trending topics was #SAVETHATDAYLITE, which started because of the lack of sunlight citizens were faced with after daylight savings. In fact, Kim Kardashian wrote an opinions piece for the Huffington Post in order to shed light towards the lack of sunlight. Daylight savings, she said, was preventing her from fulfilling her fans’ requests.

“I prefer the natural light on my skin and not fake tanners. Five’ o’clock has always been my prime time to get the perfect selfie lighting,” said Kardashian. “My fans complain about my decrease in Instagram posts nowadays. Now I’m only posting 150 photos a day, compared to 151 photos before daylight savings. There needs to be a change and if my husband were president then this change would have happened a long time ago.”

On the other hand, farmers across California were desperately attempting to keep daylight savings. Pitchforks and pigs filled the streets of multiple neighborhoods in California as farmers knocked on doors in hopes of gaining support against the bill. In the end, team #SAVETHELITE won the battle to abolish daylight savings, more formally known now as daylight wastings.