Join the fan club in Harry Potter Club!

By Ayush Patel | Student Life Editor

Harry Potter Club seems only appealing to extreme Harry Potter fans. Founded by senior Angela Chan this school year, Harry Potter Club appeals to students who are vaguely familiar with the series and to huge fans. The club is set to host a number of events this year including the Sorting Ceremony, Valhaunted, and a Quidditch tournament.

“The purpose of this club is to expand interest of the Harry Potter fans through the books to basically have a community at school,” President Angela Chan said. “We want people to actually talk about their interests and experience the fandom in person with all different types of people.”

The Sorting Ceremony is still in the process of being developed; however, Chan said that the club may replicate the ceremony as depicted in the movie. Members would have to submit personal information to the club and based on that information, the club will sort members into different houses.

“We’re going to have a hat,” said Chan, “and I am going to see if there is a way I can put a microphone and bluetooth speaker in it, and make the hat move. We can then just speak into the thing and make it super cool and dramatic.”

In addition to determining the members’ houses, Harry Potter Club will coordinate with the Performing Arts Club (PAC) to host Irvington’s haunted house this year, Valhaunted. Members will have the opportunity to be exposed to the theater and performing arts.

PAC President senior Simi Sen said that PAC is collaborating with Harry Potter Club to createscary thrills for all ages  by creating a nostalgic, familiar, but kid-friendly level of scary.

“It definitely shall be different from last year, mainly because our theme is Harry Potter and we are teaming with Harry Potter club to make that happen,” said Sen. “This is also great publicity for the Harry Potter club because this is their first year as a fellow Viking club. We want to bring them out to the light and let people know that this is a fun club that will have events.”

“Valhaunted needs a lot of help and Harry Potter Club is a specific targeted community in which people who like the books really tend to like them,” said Chan. “Once we have a solid concept for Valhaunted House, I think we can definitely help them get more members since they will need a lot of help.”

Other events that Harry Potter Club may feature include a Quidditch tournament.

“I want to do a Quidditch match instead of dodgeball or another game similar to it,” said Chan. “I wanted to do several collaborations with other clubs as well, but then again ,we also want to make a dedicated community by just doing things together.”

Junior Pavitra Jayabalansingam said that she looks forward to Harry Potter Club’s sorting ceremony.

“ I hope that they recreate it based on the movie,” said Jayabalansingam.