Light Club holds its first Benefit Show


Nick Vu

Sua Choi (10) dances to the song “Rise” at Light Club’s Benefit Show

Tanisha Singh, News Editor

Light Club, Irvington’s newly established Christian Club, held its first benefit show on Dec. 21 at 7 pm in Valhalla. The benefit show raised around $50 towards Help For Children (HFC), a charity that uses funds to mitigate child abuse. The club had a commendable turnout of 34 people. The concert performances majorly consisted of Christian hymns and ballads, along with piano solos, singing acts, and dance performances from members of the Light Club.

The show began with a performance by Light Club’s own Praise Team, a band that got everyone excited for the start of the show. The group include two guitarists, one pianist, one drummer, and two vocalists.Throughout the band’s  performance, performers interacted with the audience and asked for attendees to stand up and clap along with the music. The praise team performance was followed by a calming duet of the song “None but Jesus.”

“I enjoyed performing not just for myself but for the lord,” said Praise Team member junior Hyun Ban. “The energy on stage and from the crowd made this a very enjoyable night.”

In between performances, the Light Club held trivia quizzes and raffles, continuing the interactive atmosphere of the show. The trivia quizzes consisted of questions related to the Bible and Jesus, while the raffle was based on tickets bought by attendees at the door and allowed participants to win gift cards from Bath and Body Works and Nordstrom.

The show also utilized Valhalla’s lighting and smoke effects, further enhancing the audience’s experience. The lighting matched the mood of the songs and kept attendees engaged in the performances. The show ended with a worship song led by junior Olivia Morkved, a guest performer from Washington High School.

Light Club plans to host more community service and volunteer events for the remainder of the school year.

“Our club’s purpose is to do what we can to serve the lord,” said Choi. “A way to do this is by spreading the Gospel and spreading our love to non-Christians. Anyone is welcome to our meetings regardless of religion.”