Possibly toxic discoloration found in classrooms

Atira Nair, Staff Writer

Recently, there has been an emergence of a dark pattern discoloration in two classrooms at Irvington. Currently, the district is testing whether or not the discoloration is mold and how toxic it is. There is a possibility that the possible mold in the air can lead to allergic reactions or cold-like symptoms if inhaled. Due to this safety hazard, Mrs. Gavin and Mr. Reznick have been relocated to different classrooms.

The district believes that the reason for this dark pattern discoloration might be due to leaks in the ceiling. Because Irvington has flat ceilings, water tends to accumulate on the roof due to rain, which then leads to possible molding.

Currently, the school is diligently working hard to remove the discoloration and ensure the safety of students. According to Mrs. Smoot, the district has hired a contractor to take care of the situation and clean the classrooms by replacing the ceiling tiles. With this method, the discoloration will be effectively eradicated so it does not spread and Mr. Reznick’s and Mrs. Gavin’s classes can resume their normal schedules.

“We’re going to work with the district to make sure that it’s not an ongoing problem, identify any areas that we think need inspection, and take all the measures that we need to make sure that it’s remediated,” said Principal Smoot.