Irvington Idol Preview


Isha Sanghvi

Applications to participate and compete in Irvington Idol were due on Jan. 20.

Isha Sanghvi, Staff Writer

The Irvington Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) Club opened up applications for their seventh annual musical competition, Irvington Idol, whilst simultaneously starting  preliminary planning steps to ensure that the program would be as successful as it has been in  previous years.

Irvington Idol, the campus’s reprise of the iconic competition American Idol, consists of a diverse range of participants who showcase their musical talents in order to win cash prizes. Contestants vary widely and include solo artists, groups, vocalists and musicians.

The first round of the contest will take place in Norse Hall after school on Friday, Feb. 3. Irvington faculty will judge each participant’s 1.5 minute performance on the categories of vocal ability, confidence, and song selection. Selected contestants will move forward to the second round, and ultimately, the most talented Irvington students will have the chance to compete in the third, final round. While students are not allowed to watch the first two rounds, they are welcome to attend and even vote for their favorite contestant in the final round. .

“The last Irvington Idol was pretty successful, and we ran out of printed tickets to sell because the audience turnout was much larger than we had anticipated,” PTSA President junior Trevina Tan said. “This year, the club is trying to make the event more organized in order to limit confusion. Last year, the dates moved around, so this year we confirmed bookings as soon as possible and are trying to fully prepare both the contestants and judges for what they should expect.”