Psychology should be a Mandatory class in High School

Students can only benefit from an in-depth knowledge of human behavior, action, and motivation.


Students can only benefit from an in-depth knowledge of human behavior, action, and motivation.

Radhika Munshani, News Editor

High school presents a unique opportunity. Students have the ability to try out a variety of topics to get a better understanding of which fields they will ultimately study during college. At the same time, students learn something from every class, even if they choose not to pursue the subject in a higher-education setting. If a student doesn’t end up having to conduct biology labs or taking derivatives in his or her future career, that student can still apply those lessons of the organization of the scientific method or of resilience through math. In these ways, the required classes students take during high school serve their purpose, of both opening students up to new avenues of potential interest and providing skills necessary in any career. Psychology also fits both of these purposes, but does not fall under the designated required courses, all while providing relatable, fitting curriculum that can both spur interest in the field and prepare a student for the future.

No matter what career a student may choose to follow, he or she will always be able to use lessons on human behavior and thought process in life. Given how plugged-in this generation is, these skills are of insurmountable importance. Generation Z is infamously antisocial, being depicted as electronically in-touch but socially disconnected. While being tech-savvy is undeniable growing more necessary in this rapidly advancing digital age, the casualty of this rapid progression is necessary social skills. The inability to understand and communicate with other people can be crippling in the workforce. Psychology would remedy these faults and better equip a generation more comfortable with a screen to be able to thrive in their careers.

Furthermore, Psychology is one of the most applicable courses available in high school. Math, Science, English, and History all can yield lessons that students can both internalize and apply later on in life, but only in psychology can every piece of information better serve a student in the real world. Seeing as Psychology is  literally the study of human behavior, actions, and communication, everything that a student learns can be used afterward. Psychology is the only class where a student doesn’t have to nitpick to find lessons that can be employed elsewhere.

Finally, through taking psychology, students can better improve their health. A large sector of psychology is lessons on adverse human behavior. Curriculum includes an in-depth analysis of different types of drug abuse, the tolls of stress on the body, and different mental disorders. While these topics may be briefly touched upon in science and health classes, only in psychology can students learn the motivations and actions needed to stop these negative behaviors. This aspect of education an invaluable, and could greatly benefit the physiological and psychological well-being of students.

Psychology provides a unique perspective to students, and could greatly help them in terms of social literacy, real-life applicability, and health. It affords all the same benefits of a mandatory class, such as opening students up to new topics and providing usable skills, yet still does not garner the same status. Hopefully, the public will recognize the capabilities of the topic and fix this oversight and help ensure psychology is a mandatory class in high school.