Adventure Awaits in these Valentine’s dates!

Risheek Priyadarshi and Breanna de Vera

Garden of Eden: Get lost in the Santa Cruz woods and you’ll find the pocket of paradise known as the Garden of Eden, a swimming hole located on the San Lorenzo river. It can be hard to find, and is often confused with the more well-known Big Rock Hole, but once you do find the spot, you’ll have endless fun. The river bank lining the glittering water provides both shade and sun, making this destination perfect during hot weather.


Lands End: The farthest out of these adventure spots, Lands End is located in the northwest corner of San Francisco. This attraction is comprised of a hike that starts from the ruins of the former swimming pool hall Sutro Baths near the coast, and ends at a rock arrangement similar to a labyrinth, or maze. The trail does have some dangerous peaks but also incredible coastal views.


Sutro Baths: Getting directly to the Sutro Baths doesn’t require any hiking, but this date spot is still the perfect location to watch the sunset from. Sitting on the granite rocks, you get a perfect view of the horizon, and, in the distance, a perfect heart shaped rock formation.


Little Yosemite: Located in the Sunol Regional Wilderness park, Little Yosemite is a gorge with majestic boulders and waterfalls. Perfect for those particularly hot days, but also just lovely to look at, Little Yosemite is a great and refreshing date spot. The three mile scenic hike through the greenery of Sunol is not too taxing, and the hills are flat enough to stop for a picnic.
*Top of the World: If you want to take that special someone to a place with a gorgeous view of Fremont but don’t feel like making the hike up Mission Peak, this is the place for you. The Top of the World is a small hill overlooking all of Fremont located at the edge of Zapotec Drive. There is an athletically demanding 500 foot uphill hike up to the spot, but it’s completely worth the view.