Registration changes added for the next school year


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Atira Nair, Staff Writer

In the 2016-17 school year, Irvington administration made several schedule and registration changes regarding class schedules and course options. While some courses have been revoked, others have been added. In addition, administration introduced a new online registration method.

“Multivariable Calculus is an Ohlone class that will be taught by Mr. Kumar,” Bennett said. “AP Art History will be added and Ms. Parker will be teaching it. There are also the Medical Intervention and Biomedical Intervention classes for Mission ROP. For students coming in next year, they will choose between NGSS and Biology Honors.”

Other courses that were added this year, such as Cybersecurity and Introduction to Engineering, will be continued next year.

“We have to see how many students have signed up for the classes,” Bennett said. “There needs to be around 25 students per course. When we get everything inputted and we meet and we look at the numbers, then we’ll decide whether or not to keep the classes.”

For the 2016-17 school year administration removed several courses due to a lack of students signing up. For example, creative writing was revoked as a class this year.

“There just hasn’t been enough students signing up for it,” said Bennett. “There’s been more of a need for English teachers and since there has to be certain numbers in each one, it was removed.”

The school has put up a new online registration method that has been having a few glitches. Students were able to choose their English, History, and Mission ROP courses online.

“Some students had difficulty logging in or accessing the online registration, so we hope to improve it in the future,” Bennett said. “I think if we get it more structured, students will be able to use it easier.”

All registration changes have not been confirmed, however, there will be a meeting in April to decide the modifications.