New Senior Ball Venue

Breanna de Vera, Staff Writer

On Friday, Apr 14, ASB revealed the previously secret location for Senior Ball: Irvington High School’s cafeteria. Originally, Senior Ball was scheduled to be at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, but the venue cancelled due to some complications. Mr. Fenry Hung scheduled a field trip there for the entire evening, and Exploratorium staff was confused by the double “Irvington”s on their list. They had assumed both were the same, and approved both, not realizing Mr. Hung’s classes were not the same as Senior Ball.

“I don’t see why we can’t have both at the same time,” senior Zayley Kabinski said. “I’d love to do my Hasbot at prom with friends. And change a tire in my heels!”

In deciding on a new location ASB and Class Council experienced more complications. The main gym was booked the entire week that prom was scheduled for, and the small gym will be used for a blood drive the following day.

“We need to disinfect the small gym before the blood drive,” said a blood drive representative from Tonwashing Hospital. “Everything—the walls, floors, chairs, tables—needs to be doused with alcohol.”

ASB did not want to risk being rained out, so the suggestion of having senior ball in the parking lot was shot down. Other suggestions included Norse Hall, Bellarmine College Preparatory cafeteria, Bellarmine’s girls restroom, and the new Warm Springs Bart station.
Senior Ball budget was low, and ASB members had to think outside the box for classy yet still inexpensive locations.

“We could have bought a really big tent and just put it up in the parking lot,” said senior Orpheus Seth, “And the jumpy house could fit inside the big tent. It would be perfect.”

However, the senior class does not have the budget to purchase a big tent, since most of its funds were spent on video tech. But Irvington now has four drones to fly above the cafeteria. ASB will use these drones to watch the seniors having fun. The footage will be archived and saved for future use.

“I think it’s a very good investment. We can use these drones for campus security, for generating more media content, even for catching students without parking permits,” said ASB advisor Mr. Riller.

Though Senior Ball’s location changed, ASB hopes it will still be amazing—buy your ticket for a day of fun on May 27.