Why we should exile dumb people

Risheek Priyadarshi, Editor-in-Chief

Just like there are bad questions, there are bad ideas. I’m in charge of the Features section of the paper, and sometimes, it frustrates me at how absurd the ideas some people come up with during brainstorms, which are when the class comes together to suggest writing topics for the upcoming newspaper. I’ve rejected so many ideas. Trust me, I’ve saved the quality of this paper as well as your eyes from reading those atrocities.

This one time, a person suggested we cover ugly dogs in the section. I didn’t even know where to begin my roast for them. There are zero ugly dogs in this world. Like, had that person even seen what a pupper is? I started listing doggo rights laws and violations that person just committed by saying such an atrocious statement. I was so triggered by that idea. Humans don’t even deserve dogs; dogs were a gift for mankind, which is why they are called “Man’s best friend.”

Honestly, dumb ideas are my biggest pet peeve ever. They shouldn’t even be brought up in the first place. Naturally, if someone has a bad idea, he or she usually keeps it to themselves. However, bad ideas run amuck and are said with no filter. It just irks me because the time wasted trying to create a bad idea could have been used to come up with an actual good thought that would be useful and something that could be written on.

I’ve been exposed to so many horrible notions that I came to the conclusion that bad ideas in general should be punished. They should be expelled from school because they obviously don’t need school since they have such “great” ideas on their own. Let’s just use natural selection to get rid of this epidemic. Soon enough, bad ideas won’t exist. And THAT is not a bad idea at all, huh?