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Models Adeline Arbis (10), Christina Chi (10), Kelcie Khinthi (11), Gianna D’Arrigo (11), and Simone Mendoza (10) strut down the stage at end of the formalwear exhibition.

A Night in Style: 2017 French Fashion Show

May 1, 2017

Student volunteers hit the catwalk as models in French Club’s annual French Fashion Show on Feb. 4 in Valhalla. Tickets costed $10 at the door, and profits went to Doctors Without Borders, an international non-profit organization based on providing medical care in war-torn countries. The night showcased a spectrum of casual and formal clothing along with multiple other entertaining performances.

I walked in at around 7:55 PM, five minutes before the start of the show, and was a little dismayed to see only half the seats filled. However, my doubts were erased as soon as the first act of the casualwear show began. The models, clad in oversized flannels and fitted jean jackets, sauntered across the stage, posing briefly before ambling downstage to the beat of Stromae’s “Alors Danse.” The Cultural Walk came next, and models moseyed down the center stage in Indian, Chinese, and Korean cultural clothing, such as traditional Korean hanboks and bejeweled saris. In the business formal category, models sported smart blazers and trendy suits with chic glasses as accessories. Some even toted newspapers as props to emphasize the classy theme.

During intermission, winners of the basket contest, made by Madame Cayla’s French classes, received their prizes before the modeling continued.  Formalwear models strutted down the runway in sequinned dresses and crisp suits, sporting elaborate hair-dos and glowy make up. The show closed with a final prom-wear exhibit and dance, which featured the models as couples slow-dancing to the song “Can I Have This Dance” from High School Musical Three.

Several dance and vocal acts were scattered in between the walks as well, including an Indian dance opening number, a vocal and acoustic guitar group singing to Adele’s “We Could of Had it All,” and Irvington’s Kulture Club’s performance of K-pop performance to 2NE1’s “멘붕”.

After the show, models joined friend and family audience members outside of the theatre to enjoy snacks and pose for pictures. Junior Kelcie Khinthi, a model in the promwear division, believes that the show had improved from last year.

“I did this [event] last year, and I would definitely say it was more enjoyable and organized this year,” Khinthi said. “This year, there were also a lot more [acts], and the dresses were more fashionable because we were sponsored.”

French Club officers were pleased with the result of their months’ worth of hard work. They were rejected by many previous sponsors, but were finally able to arrange a  sponsorship with USA and Formal Headquarters for formalwear.  

We started our planning somewhat early and got our sponsors, and we got rejected by many many many stores,” said French club president Amanda Choi. “ But overall, I think this year’s group of people who helped put this show together were more enthusiastic than last year’s.”

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