Cookie Dough Supremacy

Radhika Munshani, News Editor

Perhaps it’s the thrill of possibly getting salmonella poisoning, but eating cookie dough raw is exciting. Every time I prepare to bake cookies, half the dough eventually ends up getting eaten beforehand. It’s inevitable.Perhaps it’s the thrill of possible disease, or the act of rebellion itself, but eating the dough raw is always accompanied by an adrenaline rush.

Cookie dough is just more convenient. The time it takes to assemble the dough into balls, bake, and wait to cool is tortuous. Why not bypass all the tedious steps and skip the best part anyway – the eating? Besides, cookie dough doesn’t discriminate against those without ovens.

Its symbolic even: the first feasible act of rebellion you can stage as a child. Consuming the dough raw is the original  “down with the system.”

Sure salmonella is a possibility. Thats why eating it raw is a rush.

Cookie dough is also pretty convenient when you think of it. Cookies are often accompanied by milk, because when dipped, they achieve the perfect, icy soft texture. Cookie dough has this consistency all on its own.

Science backs me up. Sugar absorbs and fat melts during baking. So thats something.
So the next time society, health officials, Betty Crocker, and basic manners tell you to turn lemons into lemonade, remember: cookie dough isn’t lemons. It’s best left alone.