Why the school hallways suck


Risheek Priyadarshi, Editor-in-Chief

This is a problem we’ve all faced. A few days ago, there was a boy who got so fed up with slow walkers and congestion in front of him that he yelled out in exasperation and started to curse. Although this reaction is a bit extreme, all the students in this school can agree on one thing: it’s nearly impossible to get to class on time some days because the hallways are so crowded because people don’t know how to walk or stand to talk with their friends.

On top of all this congestion, there’s always those couple people who decide that they can’t carry a backpack on their shoulders and lug around a rolling backpack. That is where many problems start. Most students are so concerned with getting to their class that they keep their gaze directly forward, not down on the floor. They trip on roller backpacks because, quite frankly, they don’t have the time or energy to move their eyes down onto the floor, which makes no sense to do anyways because they can’t see where they’re going if they do that.

And then there’s Freshman Hallway. It’s only about six feet wide and has hundreds of students trying to get to their lockers as well as just passing through. Additionally, this is where most of the slowest walkers reside. There is an insane amount of congestion near Ms. Berbawy’s room because of the double doors that lead to the outside. That’s nearly impossible to get through with the amount of students that and that problem is aggravated when those don’t know how to walk decide to trot over this part of the school.

The hallway have to be revamped. With the amount of new students coming in every year, the school population has been increasing exponentially. However, the current facilities cannot accommodate for this growing number. Things have to change or our traffic could be worse than getting on 880 during rush hour.