Homecoming Halftime Show Review

September 22, 2017


Annika Yong

Irvington cheerleaders strike a spirited pose in the midst of their energetic performance.

In spite of Irvington’s loss during the homecoming game, the halftime show on September 22 managed to salvage school spirit with energetic performances and Homecoming Court reveals. Due to the diversity of the acts, most every audience member was able to resonate with the performance.

Irvington Cheer kicked off the show with an intricate routine, similar to the ones they have performed in the past. While the crowd cheered throughout the spirited choreography, their excitement peaked during Marching Band’s long-awaited performance.

Alongside Color Guard, Marching Band performed two songs during the show. The dynamic first piece, Distorted from Cirque De Soleil, set a mysterious and jazzy tone for the rest of their performance. The coordinated movements impressed the audience and Color Guard added a touch of flair to the event with their flag spinning and swirls of light blue. The second song, the Opener from West Side Story, started off softer with a twinkling undertone which crescendoed into an animated and whimsical performance coupled with a heavy percussion. The powerful performance drowned out all individual noise, reaffirming the sense of school unity the event was purposed to serve. The crowd remained engaged throughout the entirety of the performance and clapping enthusiastically at the end.

Chik-fil-A, in part of a promotional effort, was also present at the game. The local celebrity Chik-fil-A cow mascot visited all parts of the crowd, passing out free merchandise and taking pictures with eager students. During the halftime show, the mascot invited an Irvington alumnus on the football field to kick field goals to win a prize. While this event was somewhat amusing, it contributed very little to the overall atmosphere as the crowd largely glossed over it, using the brief event as a break from the main show to buy food or take pictures.

Finally, Homecoming Court candidates drove onto the field to the ominous soundtrack of the Phantom of the Opera. The mysterious soundtrack, while incongruous with this year’s homecoming theme, matched Marching Band’s Distorted performance. Candidates were introduced with a short description and invited onto the stage where they cast aside their masks to reveal themselves. While the reveal and introduction was slightly uncoordinated, the crowd was nevertheless absorbed, cheering on their friends and peers.

Despite being set before homecoming week, the homecoming game effectively served its purpose in fostering school unity and providing entertainment to those who came to have a good time.

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