Homecoming Daily Recaps

Emily Joe and Vivian Hoang

9/25 – Monday

Juniors kicked off the first official day of Homecoming Week of 2017 with a spirited morning rally and their Tokyo-themed decorations. The rest of Irvington High School also displayed their spirit with their class spirit day outfits. The freshmen sported neon, the sophomores intentionally dressed like a disaster, the juniors rolled out of bed, and the seniors hobbled around in their walkers and canes. During lunch, ASB hosted a carnival at the Pavilion. Some activities included: a ring toss, darts, guessing games, and even an inflatable obstacle course. ASB handed out passports that could be stamped at each booth in exchange for prizes. All in all, the day was a fantastic beginning to Homecoming week.


9/26 – Tuesday

The second day of Homecoming week consisted of lots of food and a spirited atmosphere. The sophomores transformed the courtyard into Rio de Janeiro with their eye-catching decorations and their correlating tropical costumes. The freshmen looked classy in their formal wear, the juniors dressed as ballers versus scholars, and the seniors showed off their muscles in military gear. The good times kept on flowing with Club Rush. Students had an assortment of treats to choose from including: spam musubi from Interact, chow mein from C.O.R.E club, and falooda from M.S.A.


9/27 – Wednesday

ASB kicked off Wednesday morning of Homecoming week with free breakfast in the courtyard where students milled about the “Paris” that the freshman class created. As for class spirit, the freshmen dressed as tacky tourists, the sophomores sported their olympic gear, the juniors embodied their favorite superheroes, and the seniors donned “throw-back” fashion trends. During lunch, some enjoyed the live-action remake of  Beauty and the Beast shown in the cafeteria while others gathered in the courtyard to take pictures. After school, ASB handed out otter pops in the courtyard to reward students who dressed up for their spirit day.


9/28 – Thursday

As Homecoming week comes to a close, the courtyard received its last metropolis transformation from the seniors. They woke up the staff and students with their spirited morning rally and the Big Apple’s towering skyscrapers and flowing fountains. Class spirit was in the air as blue, green, white, and black served as the main color palette for students’ attire. They donned their class t-shirts, class color, face paint, and the occasional tutu. During lunch, each class showed off their unique personalities and fancy footwork with their creative dances in the gym. As Homecoming comes to a close, the classes prepare to come together to celebrate unity and the different aspects that make Irvington special.


9/29 – Friday

As the anticipation of the Homecoming rally hung in the air, all members of the Irvington community came together to sport their Irvington merchandise, especially their blue crews. Students and staff wore face paint, donned tutus, and brought all forms of noise-makers to show their schools spirit. The main highlight of the day was the widely anticipated Homecoming rally. Goof troop opened the rally with the running Homecoming theme “first stop Irvington, next stop the world.” After fall sports were introduced, students cheered classic Irvington chants, dance clubs performed their routine, songs were sung, and the crowd was in awe as Mr. Ip’s team flipped their way through the rally. Lastly, the Homecoming court was introduced and the pairs danced as the audience waved their flashlights. Even as the school day ended, the Homecoming rush continued as the dodgeball tournament and homecoming dance rapidly approached.