Irvington’s Cross Country Sweeps Kennedy


Camyll Reyes

Irvington’s Cross Country Varsity Girls warming up to race against Kennedy.

Camyll Reyes, Staff Writer

Irvington’s cross country team faced Kennedy at Coyote Hills, sweeping them in all five divisions on Oct. 7. Despite their loss in their previous meet, Irvington pulled through and topped in every division.

David Alexander Thomson, Irvington Cross Country Coach, adjusted their practice schedule to center around long mileage and semi-recovery.

“They had one hard workout on Tuesday,” Thomson said. “The rest was pretty decent mileage for endurance to loosen them up just to recover them so they’re not so mentally trained for pushing as hard as they did last week where we did three track workouts.” To Thomson’s preferences, his practice schedule for the team varies, however he does not change it according to the school they are up against or their performance on their previous meet, “I don’t like changing my plans based on how the previous meet went or who we’re going against, that’s how I train them, that’s how I expect them to race.”

The team’s effort, of course, contributed to the win they earned on Thursday. Varsity girls captain, Myrthe Bellers (11) describes the team’s preparations before the meet, “We took it really easy. For us, that’s 3 miles, easy pace. And then, before the meet we just made sure to eat well, hydrate well, and sleep well.”

Before each race, the team came together with spirit cheers to get their adrenaline running and get pumped for the race. Thomson comments on the team spirit that runs throughout the team, “I have a great group of kids. Great leaders that try to bring everyone in by being a little silly. It keeps everything a little bit loose and fun.”

Though running cross country has a respectable athletic aspect to the sport, it takes a lot of mental strength, especially when running long distance.

“If you get tired, you know all the other people are suffering the same [as] you are. You run for the team,” Bellers said. “You don’t choose [cross country] because it’s easy, it’s a mental sport. You try to tough it out. It’s worth it all at the end. It’s really rewarding.”

Thomson has also set up mental goals for his team to achieve, “I’m looking to see a greater push at the beginning, and an equally as great push at the end.”

Before the end of the season, Irvington’s Cross Country is looking ahead to face American and James Logan High School.