DIY: Pinterest-Inspired Dog Costumes


Rebeca Delgado

Obi sports his doggles for the “Bad to the Bone” costume.

Rebeca Delgado, Staff Writer

Are you a crafty Halloween fanatic wanting to humiliate your dog and stay on a budget? If so, then this activity is for you. These are several different costumes I put together on Obi, my modeling dog, which you can try yourself in time for Halloween.

All Fancied Up:

So for starters, we have what I’m going to call the “all fancied up” costume. Pinterest made a dog in a boa look adorable and naturally, I decided to give it a go. I picked these things up at Hub’s Five and Ten and paid $3.25 total.

  • Pink Boa
  • Pearl Necklace
  • Headscarf

I started by tying the headscarf around my model’s head, if you don’t have a headscarf you can sub in a bandana. I then tied the boa around his neck and threw on some pearls, and voila!- the loving relationship we had built up was gone.


Frat Boy:

Now, this costume is where the hatred got real. For this frat boy costume, I have Obi sporting a polyester weave, his newly found mortal enemy, and a sweater.

  • Polyester Weave
  • Mini Pong Set
  • A Dog Sweater

This costume is pretty simple, I added in the little pong game prop for some extra jazz. I had Obi suited up in a knit sweater, and his look was complete with a wig. Of course, a 100% real hair wig is ideal, but a polyester hair extension with a makeshift chinstrap did the job.


Bad to the Bone

Here is when Obi lived his lifelong dream. For this biker costume, you’ll only need two things.

  • Doggles
  • Bandana

For those who aren’t familiar with doggles, they’re goggles for dogs. Obi acquired a pair following an incident in which he had a foreign object in his eye after sticking his head out of the car window. Other than the doggles,all I did for this was tie a bandana around his neck and he was ready for the biker life.