Question Man: “What is the Most Expensive Thing You’ve Broken

Andrew Fu, Staff Writer

Jesse Scavotto: Senior

“$3,000 Laptop; I was running a very CPU intense program, and it turns out that that I ran it for a very long time. I was unaware that it was running in the background, so when I was working on something, it abruptly broke, and all the liquid stuff flowed out. It was messy.

Andrew Fu

Jasmine Yue: Senior

“I broke my phones a few times; the first one, I took it rafting and it got wet, and then I cracked two of my phones, and the other one, the battery kept dying.”

Andrew Fu

Edison Forster: Sophomore

“A $600 keyboard; I was roughhousing with my cousin in his house, and he pushed me backwards, and I fell on top of the keyboard, and it fell off the stand and broke.”

Andrew Fu

Rahul Ramakrishnan: Freshmen

“A Porsche; that day, when I was riding my bike really fast, I hit someone else’s Porsche and made a dent in it.”

Andrew Fu