Sibling Corner: Rachel Shen

Andrew Fu, Staff Writer

People often mistake me for my sister, Stacy. We’re two different people with our own thoughts and agenda, but in many ways, we are also very similar in what we like and do. She’s two years my senior, but I could never survive high school without her.

I sometimes struggle to be like Stacy because my parents compare me to her a lot. She got a 4.0 GPA freshman year, and I didn’t. I feel like I have to try harder, and it makes me feel pressured to do better in school. However, I feel that the pressure is good, because knowing that she got a better grade makes me want to get to her level. It motivates me to do well in school.

Just like with any relationship, there are highs and lows. I’m happy to say that my relationship with Stacy has mainly been dominated with the highs. We argue sometimes, but we always make up within the next couple of hours. Sometimes she doesn’t let me borrow her phone, and that makes me really sad. However, there are so many good memories to outweigh the bad. She helps me on homework and gives me advice on many different things, ranging from schoolwork to clothes. I just really appreciate her being there for me.

While we’ve grown older, our relationship has stayed the same. We were alway pretty close, and we haven’t grown further apart as the years have gone by. I love going to her room and watching dog videos.

To sum it all up, my sister is amazing! She has always been really supportive and gives me advice on anything I need.