You Know What Grinds My Gears

Vivian Hoang, Copy Editor

Mr. Stilwell

The traffic needs to flow better.

Move faster! People need to cross the crosswalk faster and actually follow the crosswalk signs!

Mr. V

The teachers who drive over the speed bumps like they’re mountains. MOST HAVE SUVs. They don’t have to be afraid of bottoming out.

Kim Lam, 12

It stressed me out when people are too impatient. I like to drive at the actual speed limit and they always honk at me or aggressively zoom ahead. I don’t appreciate that.

Jasmine Tong-Seeley, 11

When people are inattentive at stop lights, they don’t accelerate when the light turns greens. Don’t drive if you’re not going to accelerate.


I hate it when people drive too slow on the freeway, especially when they are in the fast lane and they are going below the speed limit. The fast lane is basically 10-20 miles above the speed limit.

Mr. Willer

I hate it when people don’t zipper. You’re supposed to zipper when you merge. You go, I go. Not you go all the time.  

Lucas Melo, 12

I’m having a chill drive, listening to music and whatever. Then some [jerk] on the lane next to me just swerves in front of me without using any turn signals. They’re there for a reason. I had to break hella and that just totally messed up my vibe.

Claire Stasksa, 12

Why do backseat drivers correcting my driving if I am the one driving? I have my license, where’s theirs? I’m the one driving, not them. If I don’t drive up to their standards then maybe they should just drive.  

Siddharth Bansal 12

I hate cops because they’ll ticket you and that’s annoying.