“Senioritis” cancelled due to lack of interest

Sahil Saxena, Business Manager

The seniors of ASG unanimously decided to cancel “Senioritis,” the traditional end-of-year talent show put on by the senior class due to lack of interest and excitement exhibited by the senior class. In previous years, seniors in ASG planned and ran the show, while students of the senior class contributed by creating acts of their own. According to ASG, this year however, that was not the case as the event lacked general enthusiasm and support from the class.

“We asked groups to audition and be in the show and less than nine groups responded; nine acts is not enough to make a show,” ASG advisor Mr. Willer said. “Most of the groups had ideas for acts, but had no rehearsals or practice or even secured people to perform in the acts.”

Lack of interest from the senior class became more evident when even the groups that traditionally perform in Senioritis every year did not choose to participate. Groups such as We the People — a senior-only competitive civics education team — the senior varsity swim members, and SHAPE seniors created acts for shows in previous years, but not this year.

“In our We The People class, a few people had an idea for a skit but most people were indifferent and just doing their own things in class,” Ayush Patel (12) said. “We never had the will to collectively get it done.”

The announcement to cancel the show came 10 days before the planned date and only in the Facebook group for the show’s performers.

“The show is only 10 days away and this is not enough time to sell tickets, hype up attendance, clean each act, coordinate with MCs, and so much more,” Senior Class Officer Julia Matus-De La Torre said.

Mr. Willer thought the senior class did not push to keep the show because they have different priorities and interests than other senior classes in the past.

“It varies on the nature of the senior class. Each class is different and unique,” Mr. Willer said. “Some senior classes might be interested and excited in having a talent show and a showcase and other classes might have other interests, like video gaming. In that case, let’s do a video gaming tournament. We want to have events that seniors are excited about and want to participate in.”

For future senior classes, Mr. Willer strongly recommended that the entire class discuss what they want their senior year to look like. He even mentioned different ideas for bonding experiences classes could try.

“We could do a movie night, a movie takeover, a takeover of like Dave and Busters,” Mr. Willer said. “But it’s really a matter of getting that feedback on what the seniors want to do, and getting it early rather than later.”