Question Man: If you were in a K-Pop band, what would be your groups name and why/what would it stand for?

Akshita Nair, Staff Writer

  • Kriezha Antonio (9):  “Basic Girl Power since I want it to be all girls all coming together instead of all boys coming together.”
    • Vivega Saravana Parabhu (9): “XS because my group would be very extra.”
  • Emma Tan(10): The L’s and it would stand for love because I’m filled with love and happiness.  
  • Mahdi Shahab (10)- “HF; have fun, just because I like having fun and relaxing.”
  • Alysa Ngo (10): A.T. because I’m always tired.
  • Isabel Hu (11): I would name it Gay Lord and it would represent the gays and my amazingness.
  • Yogita Senthil (11): Expresso Depresso because I live off of espresso to get rid of my depresso.
  • Adriana Thant (11): The Chilling Foxes because I like foxes and adjectives makes it sound cooler.
  • Vaishni Sharma (12): EAT because I like to eat.
  • Kritika Rao (12): K.R.V. and this is because I used to be in a K-pop phase and I had these friends of mine who were also intensely into K-Pop. So we decided if we ever became a group we would take the first letters of all of our names which was K,R, and V; so it was going to be crave with a K.
  • Jeffrey Wang (12)- “ LIT because hopefully my bands always going to be lit.”