The Best Advice Column

Justin Kim, Staff WRiter

Dear Yolotl,


I’ve been having this question in my head recently for over a week now. It’s preventing me from going to sleep at night and I can’t stop thinking about it at school or at home. I’m honestly afraid of what the impact of me releasing this kind of question would do to the school. But you’re the wise Yolotl so I’ll entrust this question into your hands. If people are born deaf and have never even heard a word being said in any tongue, then what language do they think in?



Shower Thoughts


Dear Shower Thoughts,


We all know if one of your senses are lost, then all of your other senses will be heightened. If a deaf person were to talk to someone, do they have a designated language for them to communicate using their hands? No, they sense the vibrations of sound waves escaping the speaker’s mouth which they sense with their heightened sense of taste and interpret this sound wave to the object which it is referring to. And now, they will think in these vibrations whenever they are thinking of something. It’s really not that difficult, even bats and dolphins do it.



The wise Yolotl



Dear Yolotl,


Recently I feel like my self-esteem and overall motivation to do things has been decreasing. I don’t know if it’s because of finals and all the pressure I’m receiving from my mom, but lately, my self-worth has really declined into a pretty unhealthy state. What should I do?



Sahd R. Eader


Dear Sahd R. Eader,


I suggest you take some time alone to find yourself again. There’s no point in even going to school, or doing anything for that matter, if you feel that you are lacking the motivation and self-love. So just give up. Screw school, you’re mental health is more important.



The enlightened Yolotl




Dear Yolotl,


I really enjoy eating pickles. The briny pickle juice really rustles my jimmies. Nothing can beat the fresh taste of freshly canned pickles. There are many different kinds of pickles. However, I want to ask you for your opinion on which is the best pickle. Classic dill pickles really pack a punch with their sour flavor and are quite appetizing. Meanwhile, bread and butter pickles are nice finger food and easy to eat while being equally sweet as sweet pickles but just as briny as the dill. It really is a hard decision. Please help.



In a Pickle


Dear In a Pickle,


I really like your fascination with pickle and their varieties. I really do hope you advance your endeavours in pickle tasting as there are many other different kinds of pickles available. Also remember that pickles are not limited to just cucumbers. Most vegetables can be pickled. In fact, kimchi is another kind of pickle. There are also pickled onions and garlic and many other vegetables. My favorite pickle is the soy sauce pickled onion. It really has the nice savory taste of soy sauce with the fresh crisp juices of onion exploding in your palate. Anyways, keep on eating pickles!



The pickle enthusiast Yolotl