Halftime Horrors

Prahalad Chari, Staff Writer

The abnormally low-scoring Super Bowl LIII (53) was extraordinarily unspectacular and boring. Fans stayed in the stadium, eagerly waiting for the only glimmer of hope: the Super Bowl Halftime Show, but even that small spark of hope was snuffed by pure disappointment. This year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show was the worst one by far, as it failed to deliver what was promised or cover many of the top songs of 2018 and 2019.


The most disappointing aspect was that the Halftime Show didn’t deliver as promised and didn’t cover many of the top songs of the year. The largest disappointment was that fans were promised the Spongebob rendition of “Sweet Victory”, yet only the first two seconds were played. The decision to do this was a poor choice as it was one of the most anticipated songs. Missed songs aside, a majority of the songs by Maroon 5 such as “Sugar” and “Moves Like Jagger” were extremely old and outdated. What was even more atrocious was that they censored the “I got the moves like Jagger” part of the song, which is arguably the best part of it. None of those songs made the top charts in the past few years, and the only song that did was “Sicko Mode,” which was not only heavily censored, but missed the iconic beginning of the song performed by Drake. Butchered songs, however, weren’t the worst part.


The stage and choreography of the whole show was rather choppy and lackluster. This year’s stage design was arguably one of the most plain in the past half decade. Instead of previous years’ stages which featured glowing floors, multiple layers, rotating platforms, and other unexpected twists, this year’s stage was in the shape of a simple “M” with the occasional flamethrower that was excessively used during ”Sicko Mode”. Previous stages would also work with every song, but this year, the stage platforms never really clicked with “Sugar” or “Moves Like Jagger” as they were more like a chill pop song, but the pyrotechnics just gave off a hard rock vibe. The unnecessary stripping from Adam Levine didn’t help to set the mood either.


While there were talented groups such as the Church Gospel Choir and other relatively unknown back up singers were given a lot of well-deserved popularity, the bad parts of the Super Bowl Halftime show outweigh the good. Even though some people enjoyed it, it was mostly bland and elicited negative reactions.