ASG Plans to Improve Organization for Next Year


ASG members have gathered around each other to take a group picture.

Nikoo Alizadeh, Staff Writer

From Homecoming to the Gingerbread House Contest, ASG has posted numerous events this year. Along with these events, ASG implemented many new policies to make everything more efficient and to improve upon the work of the previous years. ASG created ICC, or the Inter-Club Council, which assures that the clubs are active and making a difference on campus. Aside from improving the club system structure this school year, ASG also began to compartmentalize projects by creating committees for specific events or dances rather than having one committee for all dances. This allows ASG members to work more on events they are passionate about and to also work on other work as well. They also have planned out several methods of reaching out to students next year to get their opinions on school events.

“Now that we have selected the class,” said Nava Babei (11), next year’s ASG president, “I really want to make sure our internal processes run smoothly. [That way, we can focus] on quality event planning, efficient publicity, and strong connections with admin to make change on what really matters to Irvington students, [such as] bathrooms, tissues, things that make going to school not that bad after all.”

Class officers specifically want to focus on improving time management and getting student input for more enjoyable events.

“I really want to make sure that we try to cater to all of our student body and not just one portion of the students, and I plan to do this by utilizing our class council a lot more this year.” said sophomore class officer Audrey Lee. “For one, I want to make sure that junior class council has a good representation of all families and students in our class so that we are able to reach out to a lot more of our class. On top of that, creating stricter deadlines for junior class council so we are able to push out more and better-executed events and get a lot more surveys out so we can get student input on how we can continue to make events better.”

Overall, ASG saw higher turnout in numerous events compared to previous years with strategic planning and coordinating dates that would maximize attendance.

“I definitely saw improvement of attendance,” said ASG representative Jason Li (10) A, “and I believe that it is largely in part because our publicity and advertising for these events got better. We always keep the student body’s schedule in mind when deciding on dates for events to maximize the attendance for the event.”

Planning, organizing, and attending these events have been just as memorable for ASG members as they were for the rest of the student body. They enjoy putting everything together behind the scenes and watching how other people are able to enjoy themselves as a result of their hard work.

“My favorite event of this year was definitely Homecoming,” said Li, “It was one of the most hyped up events that we had. As ASG, we all worked hard and put in a lot of effort into making Homecoming as great as it was. Working together with fellow ASG members to make such an important event great was an unforgettable experience, and I was proud of how our Homecoming went this year.”

With the end of the ASG election, the newly-elected class officers, president, and vice president are working together to integrate the new policies that will enhance everyone’s experience next year.