Watermelons are Tasty Like Carnegie Mellon

What About Watermelon?

What About Watermelon?

Nancy Zuo, Staff Writer

How often is something tasty and healthy at the same time? Almost never. One of the only exceptions is watermelon, a juicy summer fruit that rehydrates and nourishes. With its high level of antioxidants at an affordable price, watermelons are superior fruits that are worth the calories.

Drinking water is a hasslewasting plastic with disposable water bottles, expensive hydroflasks, needing to go to the bathroom at school. It’s no wonder why 75% of Americans are chronically hydrated. Rather than drinking tasteless water, watermelons are a great alternative to keep hydrated. Watermelons consist of 92% water, and are only 46 calories a cup. Eating watermelons allow you to be able to eat a good volume of watermelon and feel full without a lot of calories.

Watermelons are also an excellent source of antioxidants. One cup of watermelon gives you 21% of your needed daily intake of vitamin C. Not only that, watermelons are also great source of vitamin A, potassium, and magnesium. A mineral called Cucurbitacin E in watermelon has been proven to inhibit tumor growth. The only other food with a high content of the mineral is bitter melon, so I think we all know which produce we would rather eat.

For those who do not enjoy watermelon seeds, watermelons are easy to juice due to the high amount of water. If you have trouble finding a good watermelon, there are plenty of Asian moms at Costco to help pat the watermelons and find the right one for you. If you’re still not convinced, watermelons are the easiest fruit to slice in Fruit Ninja so they beat all the other fruits.