New Teacher: Mr. Kaufman


Matt Kaufman pictured above.

Shivangi Gupta and Michael Zhu

IHS Voice: What classes do you teach?


Mr. Kaufman: I teach PE: 1 class of freshmen and 4 classes of sophomores. I’m also the head football coach here. 


IHS Voice: Why did you choose to teach PE?


Mr. Kaufman: I loved the subject and the opportunity to work with students in an outside environment where they can be physically active. I can also give them the tools to help them be active throughout their entire life. I want to help students with their health and nutrition while playing with them all day. 


IHS Voice: Have you ever dreamt of pursuing another career besides teaching?


Mr. Kaufman: I graduated from Irvington High School. Back in 2010, I always had the dream of being able to come back, teach PE, and be the head football coach. I think it’s the best of both worlds for me. For me, I’m living the dream and I’ve reached my pinnacle of where I want to be, as far as investing in students and teaching here. 


IHS Voice: How has your experience at Irvington been so far? 


Mr. Kaufman: It’s been great. It’s fun to walk around campus and see some of my old teachers: Mr. Rodocker, Mr. Mintey, Mr. Strout. Being able to now work with them is really great, and the administration here is fantastic. Mrs. Melsby is amazing. It’s been a great experience so far and I hope it continues to be.