SHAPE: Alex Arbis


Kelly Feng, Staff Writer

I joined SHAPE because I enjoy going to the gym and working out, even though I don’t do that as much now though I still enjoy learning more about sports. I like kinesiology, which is a class special to SHAPE. It teaches about anatomy and physiology, and it helps you get careers in the medical field. 


SHAPE made me interested in going into the medical field. I was considering computer engineering at first, but now I want to become something like a nurse because I know more about it now. Sometimes, SHAPE has consultants and stuff like that, and in class the professions and how our current classes can lead to achieving those professions. 


When I first joined, I didn’t really know what I was getting into. But now that I’m in it, I don’t really regret it. I also like psychology and stuff like that, and these classes really helped me go off of that knowledge. I learned more about psychology and the human kind of anatomy, and I’ll be able to build on that in future years of college. It really gave me more options and it made me realize that I didn’t have to do what my dad does and I can choose my own path.


Other classes are more academically driven, but this is more of everyone here wants you to be the best you can be, like a family. Not specific individual, but everyone combined, inspired me. My favorite memory was probably field day. It’s when all of SHAPE goes into 6th period and go out onto the field and play sports.