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Rami Saad

“I’m going to keep it simple.”

For those in a hurry:

  • Rami believes that the contrast between himself and the other candidates, such as in his African-American representation, makes him a viable candidate.
  • One way Rami would improve rallies and decrease repetition is by improving the music; another is by getting the opinion of the students.
  • Rami would push for the inclusivity of all classes, making sure that each class screams loud enough when he asks the students how they feel.


Geoffrey: How do you feel about your campaign right now?

Rami: I feel pretty good. I feel confident with my set, the choice of songs I have. I feel like I’ve got a good shot at [winning this], I’ve put in a lot of work into my campaign.

G: Why are you the best rally commissioner candidate for Irvington High?

R: For starters, I feel that my whole campaign is different from the other [RCs’]. The way I present myself, and the ideas I have, they’re different. And that difference and creativity is needed to push forward. That different in representation–there’s a very low African-American population at Irvington, so I feel that as RC, I’ll be representing their voices too.

G: How do you feel about the current rallies?

R: Personally, I enjoy the current rallies, they aren’t bad. But a lot of people think they’re boring, have bland music, or are repetitive. For me, I’m trying out for rally commissioner to bring something fresh to the table. I want to make more rallies more interesting for people.

G: So how would you improve rallies at Irvington?
R: Definitely, I would try to improve the music. It’s really lacking in that department. Another thing, I would want to ask the school’s opinion about acts; you can’t get rid of acts like ICED, but I would try really hard to incorporate their opinions for rallies.

G: When you are at rallies, you may see that juniors and sophomores are less involved. How would you get everyone to be spirited at rallies?

R: You know when we ask all the classes with the microphone, and we ask the audience “Irvington, How do you feel?. If I can’t hear a group or class, then I’m going to ask them “Hey, what’s going on now? Irvington, how do you feel?”, you know, you got to keep pushing them to involve them all.

G: Do you have anything else you want to say about your campaign?

R: I just want to tell the whole school, that if you vote for me, any problems with the rallies, I’ll get rid of them. I’m going to keep it simple.


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