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Tatum Le

“I want to hype up the crowd more.”

For those in a hurry,

  • Tatum has experience with ICED, Ritmo Latino, Resonance!, and class dances (he helped to create the Class of ’21 class dance).
  • Tatum recognizes the value of hearing input from the students: he’s created a Google Form where you can submit your input.
  • Tatum will be more selective when choosing acts that will perform in a rally, in order to match the hype of each rally and also to keep people engaged in rallies.
  • Tatum wants to implement the idea of collaborated performances, where two groups such as band and ICED collaborate in one act.
  • Tatum hopes to try other ideas such as more lights, utilizing Goof Troop, and including more throwback songs.
  • To increase school spirit, Tatum would make rallies more hyped and make spirit days more exciting


Will: Why are you the best candidate to be RC?

Tatum: I believe that I will be the best candidate because I already have started contacting and am keeping in touch with every class. I started making a Google Form that would have people give input to ways we can improve our rallies. As an RC, we aren’t going to always have the best ideas. Rallies are for Irvington, for the students. With that in mind, the ideas students give us would help us increase the hype surrounding rallies. In addition, my experience with performing in rallies is also higher than the other candidates. I’m in ICED, and I’ve danced in almost every rally ICED has been in since last year. Right now, I’m also an officer for ICED, so I’ve coordinated many dances for rallies. I also help create the class dance for the Class of ‘21, I perform in Ritmo Latino, a performance showcase, and I also do Resonance!. All that experience builds up, and I have the will and energy to actually hype up our crowds.

W: How do you feel about current rallies?

T: Speaking on behalf of Irvington, I’ve learned that the rallies aren’t what they used to be. They’re really boring performances there’s no correlation to the hypeness of what Irvington wants. All of the games, they’re boring and messy, from what they all say. Performances are also dragging on and on, and are really long.

W: So you’re going to be more selective when you choose acts for the rally?

T: Yes and no. I want to have as many acts as possible. I want to give each performance a maximum of 3 minutes, so there would be more performances in each rally to increase the hype surrounding each rally. People would be on their feet waiting for the next act. I’m not trying to be selective, I’m going to give every an opportunity to try out for the rally, but I’m going to be selective about what groups will be doing.

W: What kind of acts do you hope to see to try out that aren’t currently represented in rallies?

T: One idea I helped create was the implementation of collaborated performances. For example, I would want to see band kids play alongside ICED, where band kids play a song they memorized and ICED choreographed to their music.

W: What are some other things you would change about current rallies?

T: There’s a lot of things I would do differently. For one, I want to increase the number of lighting effects in rallies; lights add sizzle to rallies. I would also actually implement change, whereas previous other RCs haven’t actually made any changes. In my rally act Friday, you’ll see some of these changes, and I do hope everyone likes it. It’s a taste of the changes I would make. I also want to utilize Goof Troop. I want to hype up the crowd more, have them gather all their friends and form a mosh pit at the beginning of rallies. I would also include more throwback songs but also popular songs people actually know–not just rap that not everyone knows. Using throwback songs would also help encourage more people to sing since more people will know how to sing it. It’s a chain reaction, and hopefully, you end up with everyone singing.

W: How would you increase school spirit?
T: School spirit won’t change overnight, it’s gradual. But I would use Goof Troop and collaboratively work with ASG to increase spirit. With rallies being more hyped, I also want to get students to want to go to rallies, not think they are being forced into going to them. I think there’s also tons of other ways to increase spirit at Irvington, but I think the current spirit days are a bit bland. People want easy but cool spirit days, things like Take it Back to the 90s day where everyone dresses up in black and white, and I think that would be really funny to do and people would enjoy that.

W: So are there any other unique ideas you have you would like to tell us?
T: I don’t want to give too much away, but there would be more stunts, more performances, funnier games that interact with the whole audience and make fun of some teachers (in a good way), and I’m hoping to use some smoke possible too.

W: Good luck Friday!

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