Charlie’s Angels Might Have Just Fallen From Heaven

Megan Dhingra, Student Life Editor

Charlie’s Angels came out in theaters on November 15th. This spy thriller was a remake of the popular 1970s show, of which the director of Charlie’s Angels, Elizabeth Banks, decided to bring back for modern audiences. Generating $44.7 million in box office, Charlie’s Angels was an entertaining spy thriller with unexpected twists that did relatively well in theaters. 

The movie follows the engineer Elena Houghlin (Naomi Scott), who wants to reveal that an energy conservation device she made could be weaponized, is helped by two Angels (Kristen Stewart and Ella Balinska). The angels help her track down the conservation device, and they run into dangerous criminals and conspiracies along the way. 

The casting on the movie was very diverse, as it featured actors that usually do different genres, other than action. Audiences have only seen Naomi Scott in comedy/romance movies like Aladdin, so it was quite interesting to see her in an action movie. However, the thriller genre fit her well, since her acting held the perfect combination of innocence and bravery. The movie featured the popular Netflix star, Noah Centineo, who played the role of Naomi’s fellow engineer in the movie. Admittedly, Noah Centineo’s appearance was quite sudden, but it was nice to see a well-known actor on the screen. However, his acting appeared over-dramaticized at times, which took away from the film. Kristen Stewart and Ella Balinska had really nice chemistry, which helped make the dialogue seem more natural.

The plot line, in which the mission was to obtain an energy conservation device, was pretty simplistic. It may have been better if more complicated events were introduced into the plot; however, I would say the plot of the movie still managed to beunique because of its unpredictability and the twists it contained. Throughout the movie, I thought I knew what was going to happen, but none of my predictions turned out to be true. At times, these thriller/spy movies can get repetitive and cliche; however, I think Charlie’s Angels did a good job breaking those boundaries. The way this movie explicitly deceived the audience in terms of the plotline was admittedly very clever. 

I also really enjoyed how they portrayed the female characters in the film, as strong and independent. The opening scene, showed a male criminal putting down one of the angels by saying that women are nothing more than an accessory; however,  he is tricked by Kristen Stewart after her clever ploy. Like Charlie’s Angels, a lot of films nowadays are effectively sending feminist messages by developing and properly portraying strong female characters. It’s good to see the film industry becoming more inclusive, as modern views are playing a more important role in society. 

 Furthermore, this movie highlights the changing roles of women in the movie industry by portraying strong female characters very efficiently. Overall, with its fantastic cast, great chemistry, and a well-developed plot line with many twists and turns, Charlie’s Angels is an enjoyable must-watch movie that will audiences.