Christian Alvear, ITA


Serena Yeh

Christian Alvear (11) with the head of ITA, Mr. Albizo, who he considers a role model.

Serena Yeh, Staff Writer

ITA has showed me the opportunities of different pathways I can take because my freshman year I didn’t take an ITA core class but I was exposed to it my sophomore year when I took cybersecurity, which is the first time introduced to something I know nothing about, and it kind of showed me how I would do in the field of cybersecurity because it’s very hands-on, the work that we did in that class can directly translate to what actual cybersecurity experts do for their daily jobs.

It’s hard to think of one memorable moment, I mean, because of how ITA is structured, we at least for the last two years, we had all of our core classes together, everyone that was in our year. So there’s a lot of great memories with them, mostly because I’ve only had classes with them for the last two years. I would say one of the funniest moments though was we were doing this thing called a packet tracer, that’s an ITA assignment that we have to do, and we realized halfway through that we did it completely wrong, and this is like an entire complete block day into the assignment, and it was just, at that time it wasn’t funny, but like thinking back on it, because we were in groups of two, and we had three groups doing the same assignment at once and we all realized together we were doing it wrong and we wasted so much time just, it’s enjoyable now to think back on it.

I would say that I don’t really have any super big regrets. I mean, I don’t have classes with some of my closer friends, but through ITA I’ve made, what I’m sure to be lifelong friends.