Families at Irvington: College Prep: Christine Lo


Serena Yeh

Christine Lo (10) moved to the US from Taiwan freshman year, and has attended Irvington since.

Serena Yeh, Staff Writer

I chose the college prep family over the honors family because I’m a transfer student from Taiwan and I think it’d be easier for me to go the regular classes. From joining the family, I hoped to learn together with my classmates and do all the benchmark projects together, like helping each other out. I didn’t really hear anything about the college prep family, I just thought it was a normal class like any other regular classes.

I really enjoy history class in my family because instead of giving us a bunch of assignments and homework and tests, our history teacher actually lets us do different activities, and let us play games to help us understand the material more. 

In history class, we actually went out and played this game where we actually had to run around, use paper balls, and throw it at each other, so that was pretty cool. The game was called Scramble for Africa. Basically, we were divided into different groups, and each group represents a country in Africa, and the people representing European countries that were going to colonize the African countries. If you throw the paper ball at someone, and you hit someone, you can steal the colonies from them. It was pretty fun.

I guess a lot of people think that if you don’t take honors, you’re not doing well in school, but I don’t think that’s true because even though the college prep family is an easier class than the honors family, we still struggle sometimes, like tests and assignments. I don’t think it’s an easier class than honors families. Try your best in school. Even though you might struggle sometimes, just do your best and ask the teacher or classmates if you need help.